This article was written on January 9, 2023. I have been working for almost two years. However, I found nothing useful left. For the same title, I wrote one in 2022. The first version was mostly helpless and roast, and I wrote a lot of words at that time, because I really had a lot to say. However, the previous roast was important and precious, and it reflected the thoughts at that time. I just want to keep it, so I will not let you feel my sadness.

At HKU, I was happy every day and learnt a lot of new knowledge, especially Internet commercialization. Of course, it also precipitated a lot. One day, the domain name service provider sent me an email reminding me to renew the fee. I visited my website and found that the lastest article was in 2021. In retrospect, I have not shared my thoughts since my internship. After work, I am pretty busy and I have no input. I may not have lost my ability to learn, but at least, I broke my promise when I left the campus, which was keeping critical thinking. I do not know when I became like this. There is no editing of the video that has been delayed for a long time. At the weekend, only physical energy is consumed, without thinking.

Well, make some changes. I would operate the website and WeChat official account (Hey Marshal) seperately. All articles before 2023 would be kept on this website and put into the new zone. The new articles would be written in English on the website for the convenience of guests from all over the world. WeChat official account would only update new articles after 2023, and written them in simplified Chinese, so that people from Mainland China can read them easily. All articles would focus on Internet products, including but not limited to product thinking and algorithmic soultions.

Finally, people from all over the world are welcome to share their perspectives. Website users can contact me through email, and WeChat official account users can contact me by leaving messages.